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Екатерина (2014– )
Enjoyable show, very interesting historical period
19 July 2018
I'm not sure what some reviewers are complaining about here. No this is not some historical masterpiece but it is an enjoyable historical drama nonetheless with great costumes and scenery and the show portrays the characters with shades of light and dark so that they are not all good or all bad. I disagree with a previous reviewer who says the show portrays Peter III as only incompetent. If the reviewer had bothered to watch the full first series they would see that Peter is shown as trying to be a good emperor eventhough his judgement was misguided in some fatal aspects. It also shows the ruthless streak that Catherine herself had, which she needed to have in order to survive.

Apart from the first episode where the narrator is giving a historical overview of Russia at the time and says that Russia is feared by its weak neighbours, this show much less state propaganda than say a show like Madame Secretary (which I also enjoy) where America always saves the day and seems to have only a wholly altruistic foreign policy, which we all know not to be true. But as it's a tv show, and we should be discerning enough not to believe everything a tv program tells us, one can take it with a grain of salt and an eye roll.

The period of Catherine the great and her rise is very interesting and it is incredible how she managed to survive the odds against her and rise to be an empress, so I would definitely recommend this show. Oh and I am neither Russian or American so this is review is coming from a neutral territory!
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Absolutely loved it.
27 June 2018
I loved this film. It is such a great story told beautifully. I don't want to say too much because I think it's better to let the film take you on its journey but it is supremely acted by Marion Cotillard who wholly inhabits Gabrielle and Alex Brudenmahel was just a revelation. He says so much without saying much at all. I would recommend that you skip the critics reviews and just watch the film and judge for yourself.
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Don't believe the bad reviews
10 June 2018
I was really surprised watching this film, knowing that some critics and viewers had given it really harsh reviews. No the film is not perfect but neither were the Angelina Jolie's films at all. They were quite cheesy actually although I enjoyed them enough because I like Jolie. This film's storyline is at least a bit more realistic and has coherence. And Alicia Vikander makes an excellent Lara Croft. I know people complained that there was not enough "tomb raiding" but this is an origin story, so I'm not sure what they were expecting. I think there are a lot of fanboys out there giving this film a harsh review because either Lara isn't sexy enough or they dont believe a "regular" girl could be tough enough to kick some ass. The film is great and I really hope they make another one.
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