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xio_lyn26 September 2018
I simply do not understand the bad reviews on this movie. I feel like I saw a totally different movie. I fell in love with it from the beginning. Slow but incredibly touching with such a deep perspective to life and loyalty. The end was unpredictable and left me with a great state of mind. I would recommend this movie to everybody!
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Epic in scale, simple in plot
quinnh39328 August 2018
Alpha is epic in scale but simple in plot. It perfectly captures how the Earth would feel and look like 20,000 years ago with stunning cinematography. This is a story of how a boy and a wolf fought together to survive.
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Man's first best friend
bkoganbing18 August 2018
This prehistoric European film about a young man who is presumed lost while his tribe is on a hunt. Kodi Smit-McPhee stars as the young man in a primitive world who makes his way back to his family with the aid of a new best friend he's made, a wild dog whom he patched up and the two develop a co-dependency on each other in this first boy and a dog story.

Beautifully photographed in some stark vistas in British Columbia, the most amazing thing about this film that even with some cheating subtitles young Smit-McPhee with primeval grunts and gibberish to pass for caveman language conveys all the emotion of pages of dialog.

This one is a winner, highly recommended.
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Fantastic movie..thoroughly enjoyed every moment...far exceeded all expectations
trapper_195517 August 2018
Finally, a motion picture that keeps ones attention throughout...if your a nature lover or animal you'll love this epic and beautifully located movie...great story line!!
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Never leave your friend behind, A Tale of Heart maturing, surviving against all odds
mjhowland16 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Half his lifetime ago, Kodi Smit-McPhee, as an 11 yr old, won awards opposite Eric Bana, then learned the acting craft well from Gary Oldman. Expect more from him next year in X-Men Dark Phx. Here, this 22 year old "Keda" emotes in a heartless wilderness 20,000 years in our past. This is where he excels in maturing when left behind in an impossible situation, but is spared by nature. Then overcoming all odds, by leading with his heart, as some athletes command respect of their peers & audiences, Kodi's character, matures in ways he never expected, and with the help of a wolf he saved, & befriends, overcomes multiple obstacles in this prehistoric time. The transformation of the wolf showing characteristics of the first "domesticated dog" if you will, seem excelled, yet works in "Alpha." By guts and sheer determination, we witness multiple heroic acts by both the wolf and this young man, whom grow from being a leader's son into a man who is worthy of being the leader himself. There is a happy ending -- you will have to see the film to be pleasantly surprised. But when you leave the theatre, you will feel inspired as a new generation of humans and animals evolve into lives who show promise flourishing through a harsh prehistoric world.
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Sparse. Primitive. Striking.
CubsandCulture17 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is a deeply weird film to be advertised as a summer adventure film. It feels much more like an art house parable than some popcorn flick. The story of survival and the "first" dog is largely effective, abet with some rather predictable plotting. Of course there's a scene where they invent fetch by accident! But I wish the father/mother characters were fleshed out a little more. I did really enjoy that the film subverted the meaning of "alpha wolf" through.

But this film is about atmosphere, ideas and visuals. In that it succeeds wonderfully. As the most visually striking film since Life of Pi there's a lyrical harshness to the visuals that suits the story. There is a lot of small things that happen in big vistas and as such they are infused with dramatic weight. There's several shots that I would like to frame. As a parable this sort of directorial style works very well. The film is engrossing; the 90 minutes just fly by.

The dialog, delivered in a made up language and subtitled, is blunt and to the point. Normally this sort of on point writing annoys me but here I thought it gave the film an air of authentic feeling. It's another weird feature for summer film.

Smit-McPee gives a great performance. It's his coming of age story and he straddles the line between man and teenage boy really well. He does a very good job carrying the scenes with the dog. I hope he gets some award attention.

This is more a film about primitivism and the harshness of life than our doggo friends. I think dog lovers will like the film but honestly I feel like fans of harsh survival pictures like The Revenant will get more out it. I'm really glad I saw it. Go on take a chance on this strange breed of film.
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I Have Waited a Year For the Release of This Move - It Was Worth It!
tuckerfurguy22 August 2018
Have you seen this? My husband and I went this last weekend. He said it was the best film he'd seen all year. I was locked-in from the first moments. This is where it all started - the bond between wolves and man; between dogs and humans. This is a very plausible way it could have all began.

The scenery is ethereal, majestic, and stunning. The storyline was well-thought out. The acting was top-notch. The cinematography was stellar. The wolf was regal, gorgeous and well trained - you did not notice the "cues" given to the wolf/wolf-dog, as you do to dogs in other movies.

Not one word of English is used, but it never once made the watching of the movie or the communication between human-to-human, or human to wolf, feel uncomfortable or annoying. The language used in this movie sounds as real as any language I've ever heard. Much like the Klingon language in Star Trek movies, the Elven language in the Lord of the Rings movies, or the language used in the TV show Vikings - it sounds undeniably genuine, not contrived.

This truly is a glorious movie to experience. At the end, the viewers cheered, clapped, and expressed great enthusiasm and joy for what they had just seen, and we agreed!
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Did I See a Different Movie?
thomlrichmond15 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Am here to dispel so many disparaging remarks about Alpha. Firstly, the opening credits tell the viewer that it takes place 20,000 years ago in EUROPE, not Canada. Secondly, as many have commented on, it does rely solely on dubbed dialogue (which normally I fall asleep on but didn't here). Why so many claim that it is not credible to the time period, I don't understand. Also, there is much written against the fact that the boy is unable to be brutal at the beginning of the movie. I looked upon this as a "coming of age" film where he learned how to survive (almost on his own, no less). As far as the slowness of the film, I found it "just right". Lastly, for anyone thinking that the bond between boy and wolf happened too quickly, I feel the twist ending may explain why that was the case.
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wise-4031117 August 2018
I really enjoyed this movie, writer was very creative, didn't expect that at the end, good job, you had my attention throughout the movie unlike other movies when I'm looking at the exit door or my watch. You had my attention from beginning to the end. Parents should take their kids to watch this movie, great message for their growth in life and survival! Strength will always beat out any obstacles we face in life, kids should be prepared. Enjoy the film. WOW!!

Btw, I saw this with my Moviepass but I will go see it again with my own money.
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maclock3 September 2018
Alpha is a charming film. If you love dogs, then you're likely to love it. Recommended.
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Beautiful movie
oregon69 September 2018
I knew this movie had good reviews but it exceeded my expectations. The scenery is incredible, and the bond that develops between Keda and Alpha was heartwarming. The plot twists and turns and doesn't disappoint. The ending is absolutely wonderful. Any animal lover will agree.
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Touching movie
ryanchin-2493918 August 2018
This movie made me actually cry.One of the most touching movies I watched.I will recommend it to all my Friends and everyone
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There were so many holes in the story that I found I kept saying to myself, "That
joannep-696-8384581 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
We took our granddaughter to see Alpha today. It was a movie set in Europe 20,000 years ago about a young man who becomes injured and separated from his tribe on an extended hunt and attempts to find his way over dozens (or perhaps hundreds) of miles to his home with winter coming all with the help of a wolf. The trailers looked interesting and I think it COULD have been a really good film but it wasn't. There were so many holes in the story that even tho it got good reviews on average, I can't give my recommendation to anyone to see it. I found I kept saying to myself, "That would never happen" throughout most of the movie and I've listed a few of these scenes below (there were many more). I guess I want the makers of the films I see to be smarter than me and give me a story I can not only enjoy but believe. This wasn't one of them.


1. To 'toughen' the young boys up before the hunt, they are severely beaten up by the older men. Life was so very tenuous and precious back then that I don't believe they would have purposefully hurt their young like that because of the risk of inflicting life threatening injuries... and besides I'm pretty sure just living 20,000 years ago would naturally make everyone tough. 2. This boy seems to be about 14/15 (the actor was actually about 21 when he made the film) and it seems the boy is just now learning how to make fire with a stick while they are out on the hunt... when I'm sure he would have been taught this skill already at a much younger age. He seems to know how to set his broken ankle/foot and put a splint on it but not make fire? And of course he can walk and even run on his severely swollen injured foot right after he sets it without hardly a limp which seemed very bogus. 3. The entire part of taming of an injured adult wolf which is the crux of the whole film just didn't feel credible at all. I know it could be done but it would take a lot more time than the film had to spend on this part. Too disney-ish for me. 4. The boy and the wolf swim in a lake like it was summer when it was supposed to be early winter... then later he falls through the ice into a frozen river and is submerged for several minutes. In reality he would have succumbed to hyperthermia within minutes, but of course he survives.
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... and they wore underwear... aka dancing with dogs
melaniealison21 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
As an archaeologist myself I wouldn't even have minded some creative fantasy, if the story had been good. It was, however, lousy, predictable and unbelievable. The only plot twist is when - after having spent long winter nights together with his newfound canine mate, the wolf he has slept with turns out to be a female and pregnant with puppies. O, wow, what a touching endshot. Not. Okay, now for a sampling of the archaeological flaws. 1) Race. Usually I don't care one iota about race in a film. I don't care if blacks play whites, vice versa, whatever. Here, however, it was a missed educational chance. Believe it or not (it's true) the Ice Age European inhabitants were black, not white. And certainly not some cheap imitation of Native American. 2) Tubercolosis. The hero develops TBC. Aaww, sad. But, wait, there was no TBC back then. TBC jumped from cows to humans in one of the first cow keeping cultures - many thousands of years later. Can you say anachronism? Or, research? 3) Ancestors. Ehrm, no. The importance of animal spirits is most likely to have been replaced by the importance of ancestors at the start of the Neolithic, when people lived in the same place their grandfathers had lived and monuments were visible to remember them by. 4) The taming of the wolf didn't happen in Europe, it happened in China. Ehrm, Hollywood, what about your opening up to the Chinese market as in The Meg? Missed opportunity? Besides, it happened several thousand years earlier than supposed in the film. Important. Different climate. Different environment. 5) The taming of the wolf most probably happened by women keeping on stray cubs after the adult wolves had been killed off, because the former were cute. No need for a totally unbelievable act of heroism. Just females nursing puppies. Black females in China nursing puppies. Don't tell me they couldn't have made an interesting story out of that. 6) Trousers were invented when horses were first ridden - many, many thousands of years later. It would more likely have been wide leathers and bear fat on skin. O, and don't forget that wonderfully knitted scarf - so necessary in a cold winter. Thanks mum.

Okay. sorry for the archeological bashing, but the film deserves it. It has no redeeming story qualities. Dancing with dogs.
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Not Exactly Jean Auel Here
leahwsch17 August 2018
And she did it much better in the Mammoth Hunters describing a girl and her wolf. The first part of the movie was particularly hard to believe. Any modern farm kid grows up understanding that if you want to eat a ham sandwich, you have to kill the pig. It just wasn't credible that an adolescent paleolithic hunter would shrink from the coup de grace. Unless this guy's name is really Ferdinand and he just wants to smell the flowers and frolic with the butterflies. As noted, and like the much superior Quest for Fire from the early 1980s, there is no/no English dialogue (although nobody believes the Western Hemisphere was populated 20,000 years ago, so Anthony Burgess' made-up Quest for Fire dialogue is more plausible.) Another much superior version is the first 20 minutes of 2001, circa 1967. Subtitles only so don't bring the kids unless you want them to pester you to death--which they'll do anyway cause this movie moves at a veeerrrry "stately" pace.

Dear wife got hooked by the previews, but this is no Clan of the Cave Bear, and this actor is no Darryl Hannah. This left me wondering how on earth this got financed, and I find it hard to believe its going to find an audience. Go read the first three volumes of Jean Auel's series. It goes rapidly downhill in the later volumes, but the parts of Valley of Horses covering the survival of an adolescent in the harsh Ice Age are vastly superior, and much more plausible than this since that particular adolescent actually seems to know what she's doing. Be warned.
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Paleo Diet- The Movie
thebricks19 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Keda is a real man's man. He makes the World's Most Interesting Man look rather meh and the Greatest Generation look like effeminate latte drinking hipsters. Canned rations and first aid kits guys, seriously? Keda don't need none of that! He tamed a wolf and made it his pet! He didn't go to McDonald's and order a Quarter Pound combo when he was hungry, he had to eat worms, ants, flies, fish or hunt boar, panthers and bison to EAT! Holiday Inns with nice bedspreads, central air and showers? Keda don't need that, a fire, wolf and the clothes on his back are all he needs, sometimes a cave if he got lucky. Hospitals? Nothing some worms and leather straps can't fix!

When Keda left on his first hunting trip, even his dad was like, "He's my son, but he ain't going to make it out in the wild. I'm just going to enjoy this while it lasts." And sure enough, he almost bought it. Fooled everyone. Then he made it back miraculously. On a broken LEG. Hundreds of miles. You stay home from school when a little bit of snow and ice falls, governments close roads; it's just another day for Keda. 12 miles through a snowstorm, coughing up blood? That's a sunny day to him.

Next time Grandpa tells you a story about how he walked 5 miles to school both ways, in the snow, tell him Keda thinks he's weak.

Knocked one star off because Keda made me question how much of a man I was.
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Beautiful story + stunning visuals = outstanding cinematic experience
TheTopDawg11 November 2018
The story was beautifully written. The plot was simple but played out very well. The pace a little slow but acceptable for this film. Directing was outstanding. Cinematography was incredible. The visuals were absolutely stunning. A must see film for the entire family, especially dog owners. 8.5/10 rounded up to 9/10 from me.
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JARLZOG3 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The premise of the movie was interesting and could have been made into a really good movie. I understand that the writers are entitled to a little creative license, but the movie should at least be credible and believable. This movie was neither. For anyone knowledgeable in primitive hunting and survival techniques, those shown in the movie would get a person dead in 24 hours. The actual first bonding of man and wolf was so unbelievable, it was hard to sit through the rest of the movie. I think the biggest laugh of the movie is when a young man, whose whole culture is based on hunting animals for food, is reluctant to kill a food animal. The writers blew it on this one and should have taken the time to read some of Jean Auel's books or even Jim Kjelgaard's "The Fire Hunter." Not worth the money to go see it.
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Such a emotional story, loved it
chaysebrown-3977917 August 2018
Alpha is an Native America Language film by Sony and Columbia, and follows the story of 22-year-old Keda and Wolf Alpha, and they go on a adventure on how to get back to their family before winter starts. Now we cleared that out: here are my thoughts: I got the chance to go to a day early so me and my dad were the very first ones to see alpha, since nobody else was there. I thought the story was sad, the ending brought a happy ending, not going to say the ending because it comes Out tommorow, if you guys got to see this at regal like me, you would of got a free keychain, like I did. Movie was amazing & sad, I rate this a 10/10, But a quick note: IMDb says this is spoken English, BUT IT IS NOT. It is actually Native American, but it is subbed so I think this might be dubbed soon. These are Native American actors so I have no idea if this is gonna get dubbed or not. Out of all, this is great and I recommend this film to everyone who likes emotional stories and happy endings! But still, not better than Slender Man in my opinion. But still, Alpha was great.
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An interesting telling of the first human/canine relationship
jsucie18 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I rather enjoyed this movie. I was kind of expecting a more cheesy version similar to 10,000 B.C. with everyone speaking English but to much of my surprise, they kept it in historic style of dialect and kept even the conversations short so it wasn't a strain reading between subtitles and watching what was happening.

Kodi did a decent job as the lead (who am I kidding, the canine companion is the real lead) but I was impressed with Johannes, who played the chief and father to Kodi. His emotional range was on full display and kudos to him for it.

Brilliantly shot, when appropriate the added slow-mo enhanced rather than looked like Micheal Bay cheese.

So for once, and here's the spoiler so quit reading now or have the ending ruined, the canine doesn't die in the end. There were many heart tugging moments brought on by a great script that doesn't end with Hollywood killing off our furry friends; in fact, the ending turns into a emotional surprise of joy.

This is a wonderful film for a family with kids 10+ with scenes probably too intense for kids younger.
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If u watch this, be a moviegoers, not archeologist
yongx21 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Forget pre historic man using trousers, or native Americans looks so white, with their scarf's. Just enjoy the character building and connection development between human and the wolf. Then you can go home with a smile.
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It was a fun, visually driven movie.
adenmartinez30 October 2018
Just a movie to sit down and enjoy. It doesn't take itself too seriously.
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First review got deleted
the_doofy25 August 2018
I went to watch this with my wife, when I got back I did some research and discovered that there were actual Bison slaughtered to make this movie, 5 in fact. It made me sick to think I had given money to this movie

for stating this my first review has been deleted

I work with dogs extensively in training and life, and found the movie to do 'quantum leaps' in how the boy and wolf interact, no scaffolding, no stages to get to critical behaviors, it just all falls conveniently into place
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Totally loved it 😍
jupiteriana22 September 2018
You have to see it!!! It's been a while since I've seen a good movie in theaters, but this one... I'm telling you, moved my soul! Simple in plot, but incredibly well done and played by the actors.
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Wonderful Movie
redsleeknight26 August 2018
I absolutely loved this movie, it is one of the best movies that I have ever seen and thats saying a lot since I am 75 and seen loads of movies. As a dog lover and owner, especially the German Shepherds, I loved Alpha, he was the heart of this show, It was so heart-warming, the scenery was fabulous, actors great and the storyline was over the top. Its great for the whole family. So wonderful to see such a great movie without all the usual nudity, language, sexual BS, etc. Please give more reviews towards CHUCK the dog, as he was stupendous!!!!
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